Welcome to São Paulo!



The hotel and its surroundings

The hotel Comfort Suites Oscar Freirehttp://comfortsuitesoscarfreire.com.br is located in the Pinheiros neighborhood.

This is not a touristic part of town, but a busy, lively, residential and commercial area.

One good thing about it is the variety of restaurants and bars, many of them at walking distance from your hotel – there is a sample in the Guides listed below.

(“walking distance”… This reminds us…
this is among the safest parts of the city. But please bear in mind that
safest” has a different meaning in a large Brazilian city than
in Europe or in North America. However, if you keep a wise eye,
you should be fine to walk around the streets of Pinheiros,
as you would in any big city: preferably not late at night, and
certailny not with too obvious a display of valuables, such as
jewelry, fancy cameras, etc; more on safety on the Guides listed

Another good thing about Pinheiros, for us, is that it is around 7 km from the University. By São Paulo standards, this is very close. It is difficult to state, however, how long it might take to cover this distance, as travel times in SP are heavily dependent on traffic, which can be quite hectic at times. We normally travel this route in 30 minutes by car in the morning, around the time when the Seminar starts; but really… one never knows. So, we scheduled the University van to pick you up at 9:00 in the hotel. By bus or subway, if you choose to take them, we recommend the same one hour provision at least. Below is some public transport information.

Public transport information

There are two subway stations close to the hotel, and important avenues with good bus services are easy to reach on foot – which should make any trips downtown or to the University easy to plan. There is also a Taxi stand in front of the hotel. There is a link to the subway map in (a) below, and in (b) you can see the main bus lines from the hotel to USP, in case you may want to to use them. 

(a) São Paulo subway map: http://www.metro.sp.gov.br/redes/mapa.pdf

    • The closest station to the hotel is ClínicasGreen line, two blocks away; USP is closest to the Butantã station – Yellow line. From Butantã station to USP there are 2.5 km, a possible walk, but really better covered by taxi.

(b) Bus services: Main Lines from the hotel to USP:


About São Paulo…

It has to be said that São Paulo is a love it or leave it kind of place. We love it; but then – we are biased. So, to be fair, among the available resources online from which you can get information on the city, we have selected a small example below.

Official City Information

Other City Information

Selected Tourist Guides:



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