From Books and Texts towards Images of Data

Andreas Degwitz

Humboldt-University Berlin


Andreas Degkwitz é Bibliotecário Chefe da Biblioteca da Universidade de Berlim-Humboldt. Foi Coordenador-chefe de Informação da Universidade Técnica de Cottbus Brandenburg de 2004 a Setembro de 2011, em um sistema que combinava os serviços centrais de informação, comunicação e mídia em uma plataforma integrada, ligada ao ICMC/IKMZ. Antes disso, foi vice-diretor e chefe do departamento de computação da biblioteca da Universidade de Postdam. Entre as principais tarefas sob sua responsabilidade, estão o gerenciamento de programas e projetos financiados pela Sociedade Alemã de Pesquisas, além do planejamento estratégico para o desenvolvimento tecnológico de bibliotecas e instituições similares. Andreas Degkwitz  is the Chief Librarian of the Humboldt University of Berlin. From 2004 until September 2011 he was the Chief-Information-Officer of the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus. The university combined the central services for information, communication and media (library, computer-services, learning center and administrative data processing) on a common management and integrated the suppliers for these services to the integrated institution Information-, Communication- and Media-Center (ICMC/IKMZ). In his former position (1998 – 2003) he was the deputy-director and the head of the computer-department of the library of Potsdam University. The management of programs and projects funded by the German Research Society belongs to the mayor issues of his task combined with strategic planning for the technologically driven development of libraries and similar institutions.



In the digital paradigm, the library-related term of provision in the sense of providing information and media is changing towards an information infrastructure. The development of digital publications is making headway due to increasing data-intensive research activities and may also be noticed in subject areas like the humanities where this empirical approach is completely new and driven forth by the new technologies. At the same time, the decline of hermeneutical research can be observed. This is closely connected with the role of documents and texts in scholarly communication. Accordingly, future publications are likely to turn into objects which might be enhanced by the integration of different materials like data sets, digitized texts, pictures, audios, videos etc. The proceeding convergence of media in digital, virtual work surroundings combined with the services attached require a coordinated interaction of several players which is not confined to single institutions any more. What causes or constitutes these changes of the research in the humanities and the related changes of the information infrastructure?

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